Our Story

We call ourselves the Hawks Homestead, but in reality, we’re just a family dreaming of a better future. Since marrying in 2009 and starting our family in 2013, we’ve been working hard to lead a healthier, happier life. Our journey has prompted the start of Hawks Homestead, LLC – a small batch, personal care products business focused on all-natural ingredients and 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils – but we hope that won’t be the end. We are excited to use this site and blog to branch out and offer more of a lifestyle experience, as we share what has worked for our family in pursuit of our dreams and goals.

About Beth, Owner/Maker: 

By day,  I am a Digital Marketing Consultant for a family-owned company, The Bonanno Group, Inc. While my job has many perks, the top two are working from home and being able to express myself in a creative field. The industry is ever changing and I honestly work with some of the best clients a girl could ask for.

My current position has nothing to do with my education. I received a B.A. in Political Science from a small liberal arts college and had a brief stint at a private practice before deciding law no longer interested me. However, obtaining that degree was a very expensive introduction to my husband and tested my skills in analytical thinking and writing.

When I’m not mothering or working my day job, I am harnessing my inner domestic goddess. I love to bake, cook, can, sew, garden, etc. In the past, I shared my projects on a blog called The Modern Lady, but in the future I’m hoping they’ll find their way here – where they can educate and entertain the followers I’ve made through the Hawks Homestead, LLC business.

Hawks Homestead, LLC unofficially began in March 2015, selling a few probiotic deodorants to friends. Since then, I’ve established a core line of products focused around what we can’t live without in our house. I’m always challenging myself to work smarter and deliver products people love, and I’m honored that it’s grown – even on a small level – to something I can call a business. Everything is made in small batches, 100% from scratch out of my kitchen, without the use of bases or other pre-made ingredients. I like knowing how something was made and who made it, and I believe my customers do to.

The rest of the Hawks family…

My husband, CB, is an attorney. He has a great appreciation for guns, the great outdoors, and knowledge, among other things. He’s crazy intelligent, has a great sense of humor, and forever held my heart the minute he became a dad. I also think he’s pretty good looking.

Our son, C1, is a tiny guy with a huge sense of humor. He’s always trying to make someone laugh – and loves running laps around our house with his “golf cart.” Our daughter, C2, is the happiest baby ever – I swear. She truly completed our family of four and always keeps us smiling.